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One of the funniest things that never gets old, is watching the various house cats take an interest in the bathroom.  We have a particular one that loves to follow people in there, and then watch the toilet flush; the little furry buddy’s expression usually says something along the lines of, “Oh my goodness, w-where did that poopy go?  I just saw it here, and then it disappeared out of sight!”  The reality of our indoor plumbing, is that while we typically think of it as being related to our clean drinking water, most of us do not know what happens to our waste after we flush it down the toilet.  But understanding a little bit more about what flows in and out of our buildings as property owners, through the pipes, is an important step in making more knowledgeable choices about the home improvement services you choose to hire.

At Keywest Waste Water, we offer the best in sewer and plumbing services from repairs of all sizes, to the regular maintenance like drain or hot water tank cleaning using our modern hydro jetting technique, that can help increase the longevity of your fixtures and units.  Especially if you have neighbors, you should take extra concern with how each building’s sewer lines connect before reaching the sewage treatment plant.  Inexperienced plumbers who are unaware with local structure of pipelines are susceptible to mistaking the lines and possibly causing further damage during what is supposed to be a repair job.  Did you know that if your main sewer line breaks, you as the property owner are the most responsible for ensuring that it gets fixed because the damage does not just affect your safety, it affects the safety of your neighbors and anyone who may use the nearby sidewalk.

With sewers, you can also get problems with backflow.  When your lines become clogged or backed up, it can cause raw sewage that usually flows outward away from your building using air, to come back up and contaminate your previously safe water source.  A fix like this often requires a thorough diagnosis, but be warned first, that there are some competition of ours that may try to scam you.  Often these folks come door to door asking the wrong questions, usually praying on the elderly, and planting false evidence to try and trick you into buying their phony services.  Some are even clever enough to have a snakelike drain camera, but show you fake “current” video that is rerun footage of clogs; we at Keywest Waste Water guarantee that we would never use such an excellent piece of plumber technology for malicious purposes like that.  We recommend that when you need to get clogs out of your plumbing whether it be drains, sewer lines, and more– that you call the professionals for yourself and get a free quotation first.

We at Keywest know that sometimes emergencies can happen that just cannot wait until the next business day, so we also keep our phone lines open 24/7 so that we can quickly respond to emergency plumbing situations.  Call us soon and we will get you started quickly with an appointment for our experienced, reliable services in plumbing and sewer. We also offer water damage restoration services in Minneapolis, check us out here: